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Online English writing course for GMAT, CAT, MAT and other MBA entrances at!

Online English Course Designed to Help You Succeed in English Writing Assessment

This online english course will help you improve your score in the analytical writing assessment for GMAT and English paragraph writing for CAT, XAT, MAT and other MBA entrance tests.

Management entrance exams vary. Some ask you to write an essay to share your own opinion or analysis of an issue. Others ask you to analyze an argument. In this course, you will learn the skills to succeed in both types of questions.

The time limit for the written portion of these exams is often brief. To succeed, you need to be skilled in both reading and writing. You need to quickly analyse the prompt the exam provides, then write your response clearly. In this course you will practice all these things step by step.

Entrance exams also focus on English language skills. In this course, you’ll work with peers and your tutor to analyse language questions, increasing your skills for the exam itself.

Studying in this Course

This is a four-week course. Every week, you will:

  • Write paragraphs and short assignments for feedback from your tutor
  • Work with peers to analyse and critique examples of writing
  • Complete online exercises and readings to learn basic concepts
  • Work with peers and your tutor to analyze and correct sentences

You should plan to spend at least two to three hours each week working with the course materials.

Here are some of the specific things you will learn and practice:

  • How to identify and write a clear main message
  • How to organize evidence to support your main message
  • How to identify assumptions and conclusions
  • How to analyze the steps in an argument
  • How to strengthen an argument

Throughout the course, you will:

  • Study well-written examples and see how they are structured
  • Read materials provided in the course
  • Read and critique your peers’ work.
  • Submit assignments to your tutor for personal feedback
  • Revise assignments as your tutor requests

This course is designed to help you succeed in your entrance exam, but the benefits will go beyond that. The skills you learn will help you write convincing application essays. Your improved critical reading and writing will be a benefit when you begin your academic program. Critical reading and writing skills are important in many aspects of business, and the skills you learn in this course will help you throughout your career.

Schedule-Free Studying

Learn on the go

  • It’s easy to fit CLEAR English lessons into your day
  • Study whenever and wherever you want with online test prep
  • Never miss a session – no schedules, no in-person classes and no commute

Interactive Learning

Learn with a personal tutor

  • CLEAR English lessons have an easy, conversational flow that feels like there’s a tutor by your side
  • We’ll help you see the big picture while taking a systematic approach to paragraph writing

Essay Marking

Get personalized writing help

Concerned about management school writing assessments? Our experienced North American instructors will mark your sample essays and give you personalized feedback and practical tips on common pitfalls and critical reasoning. We’ll also give you advice on strengthening the style and substance of your argument.

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