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Management School Analytical Writing Assessment – FAQs at CLEAR English

Management School Writing Assessment Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it useful to do an English Writing course?

English is often described as a “link language” – that is, a language that is used to make connections between people who speak disparate first languages. It is increasingly being used as an international language for business, and we believe that both students and business professional with strong English writing and speaking skills have a distinct advantage in their studies and in their work.

Q. How will this course help me?

English writing, especially in business, has changed greatly in the last few decades. Readers expect brief, focused documents. They expect clarity, and well-reasoned arguments, and are not willing to read long documents, hoping to find the writer’s point. We believe learning to write in this modern, concise style will help young professionals achieve their ambitions.

Q. How much does this course cost?

The course Prep for Management School Writing Assessment – Level 1 costs Rs. 6,000 or USD 100. The course is a 4 week fully online course with access to personalized feedback and an online tutor.

Q. Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can, within the first week (5 working days) of the course. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the course, or feel it may not be the right course for you, please contact us before the end of the week, and we will provide you with a complete refund, less a small administration fee. Please contact one of our representatives for further details on this.

A good way to get a brief taste of what you can expect in the course is to take our free assessment before you register.

Q. How long will this course run?

This is a four-week course.

Q. What will I be expected to do during the course?

Please visit our Course page for a detailed explanation about the course. Briefly, every week, you will:

  • Write paragraphs and short assignments for feedback from your tutor
  • Work with peers to analyse and critique examples of writing
  • Complete online exercises and readings to learn basic concepts
  • Work with peers and your tutor to analyze and correct sentences

As well, throughout the course, you will:

  • Study well-written examples and see how they are structured
  • Read materials provided in the course
  • Read and critique your peers’ work
  • Submit assignments to your tutor for personal feedback
  • Revise assignments as your tutor requests

Q. What will I learn by doing this course?

This course will help you complete the written and English language portions of GMAT, CAT, XAT and other management school entrance exam successfully. However, the benefits of the course will go beyond that. The skills you learn will help you write convincing application essays. Your improved critical reading and writing will be a benefit when you begin your academic program. Critical reading and writing skills are important in many aspects of business, and the skills you learn in this course will help you throughout your career. Please visit our Course page for more detailed information.

Q. What exams does this course prepare me for?

This course will help you complete the written and English language portions of any management school entrance exam successfully. Specifically the course is designed to help you improve and succeed in the analytical writing assessment for GMAT, and English paragraph writing for CAT, XAT and other entrance exams.

Q. How long will I be expected to work on the course each week?

In part, that will depend on you and how much time you spend in discussions with your peers and on your personal assignments. We expect that you will put in two to three hours each week.

Q. When will the course begin?

The course starts on the 1st of every month. Our next course will begin April 1. Please visit our Register page to sign up for the next session, or to do a free writing assessment.

Q. What are the technical and other requirements for me to participate in this course?

Information coming soon!

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