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Academic Writing – Things to Keep in Mind in Your First Term! (webinar – July, 2015)

A One Hour Informational Webinar

An instructor with expertise in academic writing will walk you through some key ideas and elements of academic writing to keep in mind, as you start University this fall. Due to the limited time available, this webinar will be mostly informational, however there will be enough time for you to ask questions in case you want.

The 1 hr. Informational Webinar July 17th, 9:00 am (IST):
This 1 hr webinar will include:
  • A brief introduction to the challenges of academic and University writing, and some basic points about how this is different from other forms of writing.
  • Some main elements of academic writing expectations, i.e. the thesis statement, writing analytically, etc.
  • A 4-student panel that will speak about their experiences with academic writing in the first year, and what helped them with this transition. Our panel includes successful students from diverse backgrounds such as International Relations, Communication, Philosophy, Business, and Software Engineering. This month’s panelists include:
    • Enoch Weng (Business student and President at Simon Fraser Student Society),
    • Umang Khandelwal (recent UBC grad with a B.A. in International relations, headed to University of Cambridge Law school this fall),
    • Aleksandar Arsovski (recent UBC Engineering grad, and UX and Scalability Architect at Cogentric Labs), and
    • Arjan Mundy (Communication and Philosophy student, and Student Senator at Simon Fraser University)
The Webinar has a special pilot pricing of USD 10.

If you are looking for more information contact us (see below)!


The registration for this Webinar is now over. Please check out our other course offerings!

How Much Will it Cost?

The one hour information Webinar has a special pilot pricing at present, of USD 10.


Contact us if you have questions, and we can provide you with more detailed information! Email us at, or all or whatsapp us at +1-604-812-5118.

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