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Academic Writing Bootcamp – July 2015

A fully online 20 day bootcamp that will run from July 20th – August 7th. This summer course will focus on getting you comfortable with writing a thesis statement and presenting evidence – 2 key elements of academic writing.

Academic writing in universities in the UK, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and western Europe is based on the principles of argument. Essays, research papers and other documents begin with a thesis statement, and present evidence to support it. This is easy to describe, but not as easy to do.

The CLEAR English Academic English Writing Bootcamp will help you overcome that gap. In twenty days, you’ll learn the three critical components of academic writing:

  • Writing the thesis statement
  • Presenting evidence
  • Citing sources and avoiding plagiarism

It’s these three skills that make academic English different from the other kinds of writing you have done. Learning and practicing these skills before you start your coursework will help you work through your courses with greater confidence and clarity. It will also probably help your grades.

What’s in the Course?

Writing the thesis statement: July 20-31

The thesis statement is the focus for the first ten days. You will:

  • Review examples of thesis statements in various disciplines;
  • Write several thesis statements and compare them to suggested responses;
  • Write several thesis statements and receive feedback on them from you tutor;
  • Write several thesis statements for peer feedback;
  • Critique peers’ thesis statements.

A specific schedule for work will be suggested in the course material. You will get reminders to stay on track. Keeping up with a schedule is always important in university courses when you’re expected to give and receive feedback.

Presenting evidence: July 27 – August 7

(overlap between sections will allow some flexibility)

In the second half of the course, you will:

  • Review examples of well-written paragraphs that support a strong thesis statement;
  • Write several paragraphs based on content points provided and compare your writing to suggested responses;
  • Analyze paragraphs and identify sentences that do and do not support a thesis statement, both in course materials and in discussions with peers;
  • Read about the importance of citation, and consequences of failing to cite;
  • Identify times when citations are needed or not needed, both in course materials and in forum discussions with peers;;
  • See examples of citation approaches, which are discipline-specific.



Registration for the batch starting on July 20, 2015 is now closed. For more information about future courses or to pre-register, please contact us at
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Bootcamp FAQs

Q. When will the bootcamp take place?

The course will run for three weeks, from July 20th to August 7th.

Q. Where is the course?

The course is entirely online. You can complete it from your computer or a mobile device. (It is likely easiest to complete it on something with a full keyboard). You would need to have a stable internet connection to work on your course.

Q. How much time will I need?

In this accelerated boot camp session, you can expect to spend four to six hours per week in the course. It is very important that you keep up with the work since the course is so brief.

Approximately one hour each week reading the module content and completing online exercises.

Approximately two hours writing short pieces of work for instructor feedback, revising based on the feedback and submitting the pieces again.

Approximately two hours working with other students, writing pieces for peer critique and critiquing peers’ work.

Q. How many assignments do I have to do?

You’ll be expected to submit short assignments at least three times each week.

Some of your assignments will be very short. A thesis statement, for instance, is a single sentence. You will not have to write anything longer than a single page.

Q. Why am I asked to critique other people’s work? Isn’t that the tutor’s job?

Critiquing the work of other students is an important part of education in many universities.

Collaboration and group work are common.

Practicing before you start university will help you feel more comfortable with it.

Q. How much will it cost?

This summer the bootcamp is being offered at a special pilot price of USD 100.

More Questions?

Contact us if you still have questions, and we can send you a more detailed information package on the summer bootcamp. Email us at, or call or whatsapp us at +1-604-812-5118.

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