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Academic Writing

Learning Academic Writing with CLEAR English

The CLEAR English approach to academic writing focuses on the fundamentals. Students first learn to present an argument – writing a thesis statement – and then how to present evidence to support that argument.

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The CLEAR Advantage

Students in CLEAR academic writing courses focus on the things that are important to them. Two core modules provide practice with the fundamentals of academic writing. Students select additional modules based on their tutor’s guidance. Additional modules may be basic (writing mechanics) or advanced (writing in the disciplines).

CLEAR is an online company, and we recognize the huge advantages of our location online. In addition to our internal CLEAR resources, our tutors guide students in their use of curated external resources. Universities and colleges around the world have made valuable learning resources available; our tutors guide students to the resources most useful for them and help them apply what they learn there.

Flexible Access

CLEAR courses are entirely online. Students complete activities and assignments at their convenience.

Students choose between two ways to access the materials:

  1. Course model – students choose an individual course, which is scheduled to be completed in 4-6 weeks. In most cases, students would work with an online cohort if they select this option. All students begin with the two core modules, unless they are able to demonstrate mastery of these skills.
  2. Subscription model – students subscribe to CLEAR English for a specific period of time. When they begin, they complete a diagnostic assignment. Based on this assignment, CLEAR tutors guide them in the development of an individual learning plan. Individual learning plans will include internal CLEAR resources and may also guide students to additional external resources.


Two Core Modules

Writing the thesis statement

Almost every piece of academic writing in English is based on a thesis statement – a clear statement of the argument that will be made in the document. The first module provides students from all disciplines with practice writing thesis statements. Tutors provide personal feedback; online activities provide practice; brief readings stress the importance of the statement.

Presenting evidence

With the thesis statement written, the next task is to present evidence to support it. This module gives students practice in writing well-organized paragraphs that support their statement. It also provides practice in citing sources. Tutors provide personal feedback; online activities provide practice; brief readings support the activities and assignments.

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Optional Modules to Address Specific Student Situations

Writing clear sentences and paragraphs

This module focuses on the basics of structure in English writing, coaching students as they improve their ability to write clear sentences and paragraphs.

Grammar and vocabulary

This flexible module is based on an initial diagnosis of each student’s needs. Tutors direct students to materials that help them overcome their most significant weaknesses in grammar and vocabulary.

Writing the specific academic document: critical reviews, research papers, essays

Different genres of academic writing use different approaches. Brief CLEAR modules address each type of document. Each module analyses an example. Students practice writing the thesis statement and an expanded outline for the document type.

Writing in the disciplines: sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences

Writing styles and approaches vary by discipline. These individual modules provide students with practice in critical reading for writing improvement in their specific fields.

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