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We’re on Vacation

We’re taking a break. Watch for a new blog post on September 5.

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Sensible Advice on Choosing Electives — A Resource

In your first university term you’re likely focused primarily on courses in your major and other basic requirements. When you’re ready to look up and think about electives, though, read this excellent article from Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey. The author walks you through the […]

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A Useful Grammar and Vocabulary Resource

Learners of any language would do well to test their language skills often, especially their grammatical correctness now with the influx of text messages, Face book comments and other shorter formats of writing. There is a tendency to write the way we speak because is the easiest […]

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Choices, choices!

Most university programs allow time for at least some electives. Many programs require you to take courses outside of your major area — often in other faculties. Enjoy the chance to explore outside your comfort zone!

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Valuing Feedback on Your Academic Writing

If you are lucky, some of your first university essays will return to you covered with red ink – real or virtual. Whether it is in a hurried scrawl or carefully-entered comments, your instructor will be sharing their thoughts on your writing. You likely won’t feel lucky. […]

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Feedback can be upsetting

  Receiving feedback on your writing can be a new and rather dizzying experience. Your time in university is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the feedback you receive.  

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Learning Through Academic Writing

University students are often shocked at the amount of writing they are expected to do. “This professor must not realize we have any other classes!” you hear students groan. Why are there so many written assignments? Professors assign essays, reviews, reports and other kinds of writing for […]

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Looking for the Right Answer

This is the time of year when first-year university students pack their bags and make travel plans. Amidst the excitement of study at a new level and life in a new city or a new country, there can be excitement at the idea of finally finding the […]

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Academic Writing — Why Bother?

A quick search for “academic writing help” will show you lots of advertisements for companies that say they will write or edit your university papers for you. Why bother spending the time it takes to learn to write well, when you can just pay for what you […]

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Rewriting — The Final Step

Once you have completed your writing to a certain degree of satisfaction, it is time to put the finishing touches to it. To me, it is like putting the cherry on the cake. You polish your writing by taking a word or two away and substituting a […]

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